List of best Advocates, Lawyers and Law Firms in Mohali

List of Best Advocates in Mohali

  1. Marisa Walker
  2. Zackary House
  3. Moshe Madden
  4. Justine Fernandez
  5. Kylee Mccormick
  6. Josiah Mayer
  7. River Mason
  8. Evan Oliver
  9. Wesley Perry
  10. Larissa Bowen

List of Best Lawyers in Mohali

  1. Donte Pruitt
  2. Terrance Bell
  3. Paige Horton
  4. Nylah Taylor
  5. Chance Ayala
  6. Aubrie Allen
  7. Kade Hebert
  8. Omari Ray
  9. Lola Gallagher
  10. Dean Caldwell

List of Best Law Firms in Mohali

  1. Beatrice Coffey
  2. Leonidas Hutchinson
  3. Kathleen Acevedo
  4. Laylah Bennett
  5. Rene Casey
  6. Jimena Hooper
  7. Trinity Riddle
  8. Gina Ward
  9. Uriah Love
  10. Mireya Norris


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Class Action

Consumer Protection



Debt Recovery Tribunal (DRT)


Engineering & Construction Litigation


Financial Reconstruction

Government Contracts

Intellectual Property

International & Cross-Border Insolvency

International Trade

NRI Legal Services

National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT)


Service Matters

Tax Litigation – Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT)

Trade Secrets Litigation

Trademark Litigation