• Advocates in Chandigarh High Court

Advocates in Chandigarh High Court

We have come a long way since we began our law practice. Over the years, we diversified our practice areas, garnered more respect from clients and colleagues, enriched our knowledge base and carved a niche for ourselves as a well-reputed law firm in the city. What have remained the same, since day one, are the principles that brought us this far. The advocates in our team might have different fortes and areas of specialisation, but we all abide by the same set of values and strive to achieve a unified goal with our endeavours. As advocates, we believe that we owe it not just to the client but also the society to ensure justice prevails. Our approach to every legal matter we pursue, whether simple or complicated, is highly structured and organised to ensure best results.

Success needs the right mix of talent and hard work. Law practice is no different. We have some of the leading advocates on our panel who do not shirk away from walking the extra mile to get to the target. Every case we receive is unique, and needs a renewed strategy to get the optimum solutions. We have a set pattern about litigating our client’s cause and no matter how simple the case may seem at the surface, we delve deep to understand all its aspects and get a 360o view. The better prepared you are, easier is the voyage ahead. Similarly, we complete our homework before we finally reach the courtroom to fight for our client’s rights.

True to our words, in letter and spirit

We make sure we are on the same page as our client with respect to the basic objective of seeking legal help and related aspects. The association between and advocate and a client is more of a partnership for us. We like to know the issue thoroughly, understand what the client expects, and then align our plan of action to meet those objectives. At times, the clients had been misled about their situation or the merits of their case. However tough it might seem to break the truth to the client, but our advocates maintain complete honesty in all the correspondence and consultations. We consider it against our ethics to paint an unrealistically optimistic picture for the client. Whenever we get a case whose outcome has chances of turning out to be unfavourable, we let the client know. It is easier to say what the client hopes to hear. Our work principles are tested when we need to give them the bad news. With years of experience in the field, our advocates are able to manage either of the scenarios with equal ease. We always strive to stay true to our words, in letter and spirit.

Attention to details

Every client is equally important to us and every case gets equal attention. What makes us stand apart from other firms is our strategy of handling every legal problem and planning our moves after careful deliberation. Our advocates like to understand the various aspects of the case they are handling, our research and analysis team prepares a blueprint about the possible courses which could be followed. The entire team works together to find the best solutions. We conduct mock trials to test our arguments and pick out loopholes, if any. The clients don’t simply sit outside but are a vital part of every step we take and we make sure we keep them updated with the progress of their file and invite their suggestions.

A Sure-shot plan

Errors in pleading, however small can have huge costs, both for the advocate and the client. Successful litigation demands perfection. A strategy which is based on logic and reason triumphs over even the most complicated hurdles. After thorough analysis of the case, the possibilities and our arguments, we set out to defend our client’s rights and do not stop short of anything less than a victory. Your advocate isn’t worth your time or money if he/she doesn’t fight tooth and nail for you. There might be moments of exasperation and frustration- our judicial system has its drawbacks- but the exhilaration we experience at our client’s victory is worth it all.

Constant striving to better ourselves

Reaching the top might be easier than staying there. As advocates, we cannot rest easy on the premise that we know-it-all and our experience would suffice to ensure we succeed. The discipline of law is quite dynamic and gets updated on a daily basis with new judgments and decisions of various High Courts and the Supreme Court. A lawyer is also a student for life and like life-long learners we have to read and enrich our knowledge every day. It is all about discovering new things and imbibing those to be better at what we do.

It is usually some unforeseen and unpleasant circumstances that take us to seek help of an advocate. However, we make sure that you do not fight your case alone. Legal battles can linger on if not handled by experts and it is easy to be misled when you are not familiar with the legal aspects of your situation. Therefore, you must make a careful choice while finalising the advocate to represent you. Over the years we have worked to our client’s contentment and our success streak has brought us where we stand today.

Our Practice Areas

Civil Lawyers in Chandigarh

Our civil law advocates have handled some highly complex civil law disputes and contrary to the popular belief, have managed to get them resolved in less time. Civil law disputes are infamous for taking up years to reach an end. We have tried to change this and make sure our clients do not end up wasting their time and money. We identify the strengths and weaknesses of the matter and proceed accordingly to ensure a quick resolution. We represent clients in property disputes, tenancy/lease cases, matters related to succession and wills etc. Within civil law, property law cases tend to be quite complicated and tedious. They could get stretched for an unnecessary long period if the lawyer is unable to come up with the most feasible solution. We have had clients who were misled and their case made more complex over time, with solution still nowhere in sight. You must consult an advocate at the very beginning so that he can figure out the best possible way out and save you from getting drained of your finances and time.

Corporate Lawyers in Chandigarh

Our advocates represent both organisations and private individuals facing any sort of legal problem pertaining to corporate laws. We have successfully represented clients facing regulatory and government issues, issues emanating from contract agreements, intellectual property rights. We also get a lot of queries about legal troubles with respect to franchise and information technology. Corporate law is also constantly updated to keep up with the needs of the hour and our advocates make sure they catch up with the changes at the earliest and incorporate the same in their practice. Corporate litigation usually has huge amounts of money at stake and more importantly, the reputations of the firms involved. Losing a lawsuit could be more damaging in the long term effect on your operations rather than the short-term financial costs. Also, with our elaborate laws which cover every little intricate detail, it is not possible for a corporate firm to constantly check whether they are complying with all the rules or not. Let our advocates manage that for you while you focus on the growth of your venture.

Criminal Lawyers in Chandigarh

Criminal law cases can be a harrowing experience for the individuals involved, whether you are a victim or the accused. Though most of the lawyers resort to reactive litigation in this respect, we believe that a proactive approach is much more successful and appropriate. A criminal case can have wide reaching consequences for the individuals and their families. Also, these cases require a skilled and experienced approach since there is no margin for error. You are quite literally handing over the reins of your life to the lawyer you choose to represent you, therefore, you must choose the best in field. Time is also important to determine the chances of a successful and desirable verdict from the court. Seeking help in criminal cases must not be delayed and you should consult a criminal law advocate at the early onset of criminal trouble. Whether you need an advocate to file for anticipatory or regular bail, file for criminal revision or appeal, have been unfortunately a victim of someone’s criminal actions- we promise to provide you the best of our legal services and make sure you get justice.

Divorce/ Family Lawyers in Chandigarh

We have a high divorce rate in the country and with each passing day it seems to be increasing rather than coming down. A divorce disrupts the usual routine life of not just the couple but also their children, parents and other family members. Divorce proceedings can be quite stressful. They need not drain you of your finances and precious time as well. This is why you must consult the divorce lawyer who can wrap things up in the least possible time, without unnecessary hassles. Our advocates always gauge the situation of the client and then suggest the most convenient course. Usually, divorce by mutual consent involves least of the hassles. However, some cases are beyond this option and demand a different plan of action. Divorce also gives rise to accompanying matters which need to be looked into- questions about custody rights of the children, alimony to be given to the wife, property division after the divorce etc. We get a lot of cases where dowry or domestic violence is the reason for seeking a divorce which compounds the rights we defend in the court room to ensure a fair trial.

Writs Lawyers in Chandigarh

Writ jurisdiction has been provided by the Constitution to ensure all the citizens have the right to approach the court in case of violation of their Fundamental Rights among other rights. The High Courts of respective states enjoy a wider influence than the Supreme Court in entertaining writ petitions. Where the Supreme Court adjudicates matters related to violation of the Fundamental Rights alone through writ petitions, the High Court can look into violations of other rights too. There are 5 kinds of writs which can be filed-

  • Habeas corpus
  • Mandamus
  • Quo warranto
  • Certiorari
  • Prohibition

Over the years these writs have come to the rescue of many aggrieved citizens and as advocates, we serve as the link between the petitioner and the Court and we make sure your rights are upheld.

We believe that as advocates we are empowered to reach out to a lot of people and help them get their rights enforced and the wrongs done to them corrected and culprits punished. We do not consider being law practitioners as a mere profession but more so our passion. Our philosophy has been to bring a greater change to the society with our small, every day steps to that end. Our larger goal is to ensure justice prevails at the end of the day and no victim remains unaddressed or a perpetrator goes unpunished.